Drama Coach

You are your instrument!

Got an Audition coming up?

I've had thousands of actors audition for me over the last 40 years and can teach you what to expect and how to get noticed by even the most discriminating casting director.  Even if you don't have an audition planned (you should be auditioning just for practice), you need to be ready to audition for whatever parts come your way.  I can even personalize audition monologues to show off the best of all you can do.

Preparing for a major Audition?

You want to be ready for next year's Summer Children's Theater productions or next years Shakespeare Festival or a movie or soap that you know is casting soon?  I can help you prepare for a specific audition or role.  

In a play, and you want to shine?

I've been Drama-Coach to many names and faces you might recognize.  Helping actors perform roles they already have to the best of their abilities is one very important function of a drama coach.  If you're in a play and want to impress the actors in the cast, the director who might want to cast you for the next play, and the audience, come get some coaching. You're a pro, now?  You want to be a pro?  That's what the pros do.

You want to just be a great actor?

As well as being instinctual, acting is a highly trained art.  Like great jazz players, actors often train for decades and continue to train at university, conservatories, schools, and with drama coaches to bring themselves toward mastery of acting and drama.  This is not so much training for a specific role or audition or a quick fix for a specific lack of training or skill to do with something particular (All great uses for a drama coach like me), but more to do with the large movement forward as an artist. 

Come meet us Check out what we offer Come audition for your acceptance as a student with Norman Stewart, the stage, soap,and movie director.
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