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When schedules and time permit, I offer group classes in the following:

  • Beginning Acting (almost always includes an offer to be in a movie)
  • Movement for Stage and Screen
  • Advanced Acting - Improvising in the Scene
  • Scene Work and Analysis
  • Beginning Shakespeare
  • Advanced Shakespeare (inclusion in live broadcasts from The Constant Shakespeare)
  • Improvisation Games (for fun or competitive preparation)
  • Lawyer as Actor program (designed like HB Studios and Uta Hagen's Method but aimed at not just actors but the performance needs of lawyers)

Our group classes are 50 minutes long and only $30 per session ($100 for four). Personal training is $200 for one hour at your location and 100 per hour at ours. Morning, afternoon, or evening coaching available.  For particularly apt students, even early morning hours are available.  ALL AGES WELCOME.  WILL TEACH GROUP SENIOR CLASSES!!

Come and play.  Come and do.  Come and learn.  Come and perform.  Come and become.

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